“It’s Bedtime,” Says the Clock

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“It’s Bedtime,” Says the Clock


Product InformationIt’s Bedtime, Says the ClockA Warm and Cozy Goodnight BookHardcover | 8.5″ x 11″ Pages | 32 PagesWritten by: Chana CohenIllustrated by: R. BerlingerPublished by: Israel Bookshop PublicationsAbout this Book

Tick-tock, tick-tock…
“It’s bedtime,” says the clock.
You’re in pajamas, cozy and clean…
Now it’s time to sleep and dream.Let’s cuddle together,
And remember forever,
That Mommy loves you, Tatty loves you,
And Hashem loves you, too…
There’s nothing like the delicious atmosphere of a peaceful bedtime, when children are tucked into bed and their parents can convey their love for them in a most direct way. “It’s Bedtime,” Says the Clock gives parents the words they can use to express these warm feelings for their little ones. The coziest book for parents and children to cuddle together with during bedtime!

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"It's Bedtime," Says the Clock

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